AMLQuppyBot User Agreement

1. General Provisions

1.1. This AMLQuppyBot User Agreement (hereinafter - « the Agreement ») specifies the conditions of using the site on the Internet the Website »), determines rights and obligations of AMLQuppyBot. 

1.2. This Agreement constitutes a public offer, which is addressed to individuals who have

reached the age of majority (hereinafter jointly referred to as « Users », and separately the

«User») and determines the terms of User’s accession to the Agreement without limitation

period for acceptance. The Operator has the right to withdraw this offer at any time with a prior notice no less than 7 calendar days before the date of the revocation.

1.3. One of the following implicative actions performs the acceptance of the offer: use of the

Website, registration of the User on the Website. The acceptance of an offer must be performed before the date of the revocation of the offer.

1.4. The Operator or its licensors own the exclusive right to the software of "AMLQuppyBot"

(hereinafter – « the Website Content »).

1.5. By using this Website, the User is agreeing to this Agreement. If the User does not agree to this Agreement, then the User is not allowed to use this Website and should immediately terminate such usage.

2. Terms and definitions


2.1. Authorization – confirmation of the registered information by the User (mobile phone

numbers and/or a unique combination of the e-mail address and password) for access to Personal account, which is created because of Registration of the User on the Website.

2.2. Personal account (Account) – the User’s account that is available through the Website,

allowing the User to use the Operator's Services in accordance with this Agreement.

2.3. Subscription – the right of the User to receive additional Services in accordance with

section 5 of the Agreement and Annex 1 to the Agreement.

2.4. The User – a person who has reached the age of 18 years and accepted the terms of the Agreement by the complete and unconditional acceptance, effected by Registration on the Website, the fulfilment of the conditions of the Agreement or other implicative actions.

2.5. User Registration – completion of personal data (mobile phone number, email

addresses, and password) by the User on the Website to create a Personal account. Registration on the Website is possible by authorization on the Website via Telegram, Binance account, Google account.

2.6. Website – the official Site of the Operator on the Internet at

2.7. Operator's Services (Service) – services provided by the Operator through the Website, both on a paid and free basis, including, but not limited to, providing access to the AMLQuppyBot software in order to create tax reporting of an individual on digital currency transactions and other services available on the Website.

3. Subject of the Agreement


3.1. The Operator grants to the User non-exclusive, free of charge, the non-transferable

license to use the content of the Website only within the Website functionality in all countries of the world in the following ways:

3.1.1. to use the Website for its intended functional purpose to receive the Services;

3.1.2. to install and distribute the Website Content for non-commercial (non-profit) purposes.

3.2. To use the Website, the User is obliged to register in accordance with section 4 of the


3.3. the Agreement shall enter into force from the moment of acceptance of the offer by the


3.4. Except of ways of use which are directly provided by the Agreement or the applicable

law, the User has no right to change, decompile, disassemble, decode and to make with the

source or object code of the Website other actions aiming to obtain information on realization of the algorithms used on the Website; data harvesting from the database; creation of derivative copyright with use of the Website, or the database; and also use (permission to use) of the Website, or the database, any their elements, data stored on the Website on the device of the User in any other way without written consent of the Operator.

3.5. Any harvesting, copying, reproduction, processing of data, databases, the content of the

Website, distribution, making available to the public on the Internet, any use in programs and

services of the third parties, mass media and/or for commercial purposes without prior written permission of the Operator or other owner is forbidden, except as expressly provided by the Agreement and/or the applicable law.

4. User Registration


4.1. To use the Services, the User needs to undergo registration procedure because of which the Personal account will be created for the User. To use the features of the Website, the User must go through the procedure of Authorization. For Registration on the Website, the User is obliged to enter the required data in a

special registration window, read the Agreement, agree with it by clicking the "sign up". These actions constitute an acceptance of the present offer. Upon successful Registration on the Website, the User in subsequent will

automatically become authorized in the Personal account at each its opening until it does not

perform a compulsory exit from the Personal account.

4.2. Authorization in the Personal account is performed as follows:

4.2.1. By entering the email address and password specified during registration; or

4.2.2. Through authorization via Telegram, Binance account, Google account.

4.3. Through the registration, every User guarantees to the Operator that the information

provided by the User is reliable, exact, correct and relevant. The User undertakes to maintain this information current. In case the User provides incorrect information, or the Operator has grounds to believe that information provided by the User is doubtful, the Operator has the right to block the Personal account of the User and to prohibit the User from using the Website (or individual Services available on the Website).

4.4. Information of the User, which is contained in the Personal account of the User, is stored

and processed by the Operator in accordance with the terms of the Privacy policy posted on the Website.

4.5. The User is obliged to immediately notify the Operator on any unauthorized (not

permitted by the User) access to the Website with use of the Personal account of the User and/or on any violation (suspicions about violation) confidentiality of the access facilities to the Personal account.

4.6. If the User intends to delete the Account, he must send to the Operator’s email notice of rejection of the Agreement.

4.7. The refusal of performance of the Agreement, Agreement cancellation, the termination of its action for other reasons lead to removal of the corresponding Account and the termination of the obligations of the Operator under the Agreement, and other related documents. The provisions of this paragraph shall have the force of agreement of the Parties on the termination of their obligations.

5. Paid services. Subscriptions


5.1. Although the Website is provided to the User free of charge, the Operator reserves the

right to provide the User with other paid Services, including in the form of a Subscription. The approximate cost of such Services is shown on the Website

5.2. The total cost of the Service, which is not a Subscription, ordered by the User on the

Website, is determined in the Operator's invoice issued using the Website interface. The Services are provided to the User on the terms of advance payment for the Services.

5.3. The User makes an advance payment in the amount of 100% (One hundred percent) of

the total cost of ordered Services that are not a Subscription, on the basis of an invoice issued by the Operator for payment ("Invoice"), within 3 (Three) business days from the date of the Invoice.

5.4. Payment for the Services that are not a Subscription is made in a non-cash manner, in

particular, by bank transfer or other method permitted by law from among those accepted by the Operator. The choice and use of the method of payment for Services that are not a Subscription is made by the User at his own discretion and without the liability of the Operator. Security, confidentiality, as well as other conditions for using the payment method (form) chosen by the User are beyond the scope of this Agreement and are governed by agreements (agreements) between the User and the relevant financial companies.

5.5. Services that are not a Subscription are considered paid by the User from the moment the Operator receives confirmation from the bank about the receipt of the entire amount of payment to the Operator's account. In some cases, at the sole discretion of the Operator, the confirmation of the fact of payment may be: a) a facsimile copy of the payment order in case of non-cash payment; b) a facsimile copy of the payment receipt with the seal of the bank through which the payment was made; c) verification by the Operator of the fact of payment in favor of the Operator through the payment system in the event that the User makes an electronic payment.

5.6. The Service, which is not a Subscription, is considered to be performed in full from the

moment the User is provided with the documents, the creation of which is provided for by the

description of a particular Service.

5.7. Services that are not a Subscription are considered to be provided by the Operator

properly and accepted by the User in full, if within five days after the completion of the

provision of the Service, the Operator has not received motivated written objections from the

User. After the expiration of the period specified above, the User's claims regarding the

shortcomings of the Services, including in terms of quantity (volume), cost and quality, are not accepted.

5.8. In the cases provided for by the applicable law, when paying for the Services on the

Internet, when returning the funds received as a result of the specified payment, the cash receiptv is sent to the e-mail address used by the User to register on the Website.

5.9. The cost of the Subscription is indicated in Annex 1 to this Agreement, and is charged for each period from the User's bank card specified when making the first payment for the

Subscription. For the purposes of this agreement, the Subscription Period means the period of time specified on the Website (for example, 1 month, 12 months) for which the Subscription is purchased and for which the corresponding cost is established.

5.10. The Subscription is considered to be activated (provided) for the User for the Period in

full from the moment the Operator receives the payment of the Subscription cost.

5.11. The Operator's obligation to provide the User with a Subscription shall be deemed

fulfilled from the date of granting the User access to the additional Services provided for by the paid Subscription.

5.12. The User hereby provides the Operator with an advance acceptance for debiting the

amount of the fee for each Period from the User's card, in the order of prepayment until the User refuses to renew the Subscription connection for the next Period.

5.13. In the absence of payment of the Subscription cost, the Operator has the right to suspend the Subscription for the next Period and resume it during this Period after the User transfers the payment of the Subscription cost.

6. Refund Policy


6.1. Since the Website offers non-tangible, irrevocable goods and services we do not provide

refunds after the product is purchased, which you acknowledge prior to purchasing any

product on the Website. Please make sure that you've carefully read the service description

before making a purchase.

6.2. If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding this refund policy, we

encourage you to contact us by sending an email to the email address

7. Rights and obligations, guarantees and assurances of the User


7.1. Before the acceptance of the offer, the User undertakes to study the complete text of the


7.2. The User has no right to reproduce and distribute the Website Content or the database in commercial purposes (including for a fee), as a part of collections of software products, etc. without prior written consent of the Operator.

7.3. The User has no right to modify and/or remove the Website name, or databases, copyright notice or other indications on the right holder of the Website.

7.4. The User independently (at the expense of own funds) pays access to the Internet and

incurs other expenses demanded for use of the Website that does not affect the non-paid nature of the Website.

7.5. In case of any claims or problems associated with the use of the Website, the User has the right to contact the Operator by sending emails to the email of the Operator The Operator reviews the received complaints or messages about the arisen problems no later than within 14 (Fourteen) business days from the moment of receipt of the corresponding message from the User.

7.6. The User is responsible for maintaining control over the Account and provides

impossibility of access to the Account of any third parties, as well as the impossibility of

committing by any third parties actions in the User’s Account. Any actions made in the Account after successful Authorization are recognized as the actions the User.

7.7. The User warrants and represents that he is a capable person who has reached the age

allowed in accordance with applicable law to accept the terms of this Agreement, and, if

necessary, that the necessary consents of parents, guardians, and / or other legal representatives to perform actions have been obtained, aimed at accepting these terms of the Agreement.

7.8. The User undertakes:

7.8.1. Not to make attempts to commit fraud by using the Website or the used software;

7.8.2. Not to make attempts to copy, sort or otherwise attempt to receive the source code of the software used by the Website to commit any action, including fraud;

7.8.3. Not to create the Account on the Website if earlier the Account of this User was removed or blocked by the Operator in connection with illegal acts of the User;

7.8.4. Not to create an Account on the Website, if the User already has the Account on the


7.8.5. Not to transfer the Account to the third parties without prior written consent of the

Operator. The User undertakes not to use someone else's Account in the Service without prior written consent of the owner of the Account and the Operator.

8. Rights and obligations of the Operator


8.1. The Operator has the right:

8.1.1. to change at any time the design and user interface of the Website, its content, the content of the Services provided, change or supplement the software used to operate the Website, provide the Services, and other objects used or stored on the Website, with notice to the Users or without it;

8.1.2. to suspend, restrict or terminate the User's access to all or any of the sections of the

Website, Personal Account at any time without explanation, with or without prior notice, unless otherwise expressly provided by applicable law;

8.1.3. to delete the User Account at its own discretion, including in the event that the User

commits actions that violate the applicable law or the provisions of this Agreement;

8.1.4. to provide the User with additional paid Services, including the Subscription, for a fee, on the terms provided for in this Agreement;

8.1.5. to send to Users messages of an advertising and informational or news nature, including by e-mail, sms mailing, mailing using the functionality of the Website or in any other available way;

8.1.6. to take measures not prohibited by law to protect their own intellectual rights in relation

to the Website;

8.1.7. to perform preventive maintenance with temporary suspension of work of the Website

without prior notice to the User. At the same time, the Operator undertakes to notify the User not later than 24 hours prior to the commencement of planned technical works.

8.2. The Operator undertakes:

8.2.1. on the terms set forth in this Agreement, to grant the User the right to use the Website

within the limits established by clause 3.1. of this Agreement, and provide the Services under the terms of this Agreement, including in the event that the User purchases paid services or a Subscription;

8.2.2. to notify the User by publishing information or sending messages to the Personal

Account or in any other way available to the Operator about changes in the terms of this


8.3. Operator’s failure to act in case of violation by the User the Agreement, and/or other

documents connected with the Agreement posted on the Website does not deprive the Operator of the right to take the corresponding actions in protection of the rights and interests later, and also does not mean that the Operator refuses the rights in case of commission by the User in the subsequent such or similar violations.

9. Terms of use of the data and functions of the service


The Operator reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to restrict the User's access to the Website (or to certain information contained on the Website or features of the Website, if it is

technologically possible), using his Account or completely block the User's Account in case of violation of the terms of the Agreement, either apply other measures to the User in order to comply with legal requirements or the rights and interests of third parties.

10. Liability

10.1. The Website is provided on "as is" basis.

10.2. The Operator shall not be liable:

10.2.1. for consequences of unauthorized use of the Website which was not the fault of the


10.2.2. for direct or indirect damage suffered by the User as a result of errors, omissions,

interruptions, changes of functions, defects, delays in operation, occurred through no fault of the Operator.

10.3. The information contained on the Website does not constitute tax advice, unless otherwise stated in the description of such information. Except as provided for by the terms of a specific Subscription, the Operator does not provide tax advice to the User, the User undertakes to independently contact an independent tax consultant to analyze their own tax burden and tax liabilities.

10.4. The Operator is not responsible for errors made by the User in tax and other documents generated using the Website.

10.5. The Operator is not responsible for losses incurred by the User when using the Website.

10.6. The User agrees to fully reimburse and indemnify the Operator, its directors, employees and partners from any costs, expenses, losses, claims, liabilities, including legal costs and any other expenses, for whatever reason, incurred in connection with the use of the Website by the User.

10.7. The User agrees to fully cover any claims, liabilities, costs or expenses (including legal

fees), as well as any other costs that may arise as a result of the violation by the User of the terms of the Agreement.

10.8. The Website may contain links to the third parties’ sites. The User takes all the risk

connecting to enter any other Internet resource connected with Website. The Operator shall not be liable for the accuracy of information, the data, statements made on the websites of the third parties. The Operator provides links to other websites for convenience of the User, and it does not mean that the Operator approves the content of these websites or agrees to be liable for them.

10.9. All questions and claims related to the use/inability to use the Website, the inaccuracy of data and possible violation by Website or data of the legislation and/or the third party’s rights go to the Operator’s e-mail

11. Informational messages


11.1. By the acceptance of the Agreement, the User gives the consent to receiving information messages from the Operator with the latest news, promotions, new offers and also promotional messages, including third-party news and offers via SMS, e-mail.

11.2. The User can refuse advertising messages sent by e-mail and SMS by sending an email to the email address The User can also refuse from e-mail newsletters by actions, which are described by the link at the end of the advertising letter.

12. Final provisions


12.1. The Operator is enttled to make any changes to the Agreement on condition of the prior notice of the User of such changes no later than 3 calendar days before the day of entry into force of such changes. The notice is sent to the User’s e-mail address specified by the User at Registration. The user is considered to accept such changes if after the enter of such changes into force the User continues to use the Website. The current version of the Agreement is always located on the


12.2. The laws of England and Wales are applied to the Agreement and all relations connected with use of the Website. The parties agree that any claims or actions connected with the Agreement, use of the Website shall resolve through negotiations. If the parties fail to reach an agreement on the dispute within 30 calendar days, the dispute shall be submitted to the courts of Israel.

12.3. Use of the Website is regulated by the Agreement and the Privacy policy posted on the

Website. Use of separate functions of the Website can be regulated by other documents, in

addition to the Agreement. Before use of such functions, the User is obliged to study the documents regulating use of such functions and to accept conditions of such documents.

12.4. The User is considered to be accepted terms of the Agreement in full, without any clauses and exceptions, since the beginning of using the Website / its separate functions, or after the Registration process is finished. In case of disagreement with any of provisions of the Agreement the User shall not use the Website. In case the Operator made any changes to the Agreement with which the User does not agree, the User has the right to stop use of the Website / its separate functions.

12.5. If for any reason one or several provisions of the Agreement are considered null and void (non-legally binding), it has no impact on validity or applicability of other provisions of the Agreement.

12.6. The agreement is stated in the edition operating since September 30, 2022.


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