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Quppy offers comprehensive consultancy, addressing legal standards, market practices, and business strategies to optimize your company's operations.
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The AML Quppy Bot team, with its diverse expertise in legal, audit, AML/CFT compliance, and blockchain forensics, offers thorough consulting services. This approach integrates legal standards, market trends, and strategic business insights, ensuring comprehensive support for clients navigating the complexities of the cryptocurrency environment.
Developing AML/KYC & Monitoring Procedures
Quppy aids crypto businesses in crafting and refining their AML/KYC processes, including drafting tailored AML procedures, risk-appetite statements, and policies for whistleblowing, anti-corruption, and transaction monitoring, meeting regulatory and exchange requirements for licensing and account openings.
Account Opening Assistance
Quppy supports clients in opening bank or exchange accounts for crypto and fiat transactions, identifying suitable financial institutions, and facilitating smooth communication and documentation processes for swift account setup.
AML/KYC and Blockchain Analytics Training
Leveraging firsthand AML and blockchain expertise, Quppy offers ongoing educational programs to inform clients about emerging AML/CFT risks associated with crypto assets, emphasizing the necessity of annual AML training for regulated entities.
Legal and Audit Expertise
Quppy's network of legal and auditing professionals, experienced with top firms and exchanges, provides legal solutions and comprehensive due diligence, including analyses of crypto wallets and investment operations.

AML Bot?

Personalized Approach
- AML Quppy Bot tailors a comprehensive range of compliance solutions for each client's unique needs.
- Our track record includes supporting over 300 crypto enterprises in 25 jurisdictions, assuring our capability to fulfill your specific requirements.
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Integrated Compliance Platform
- Our platform offers KYT/Wallet Screening, KYC, AML services, and more, specifically designed for crypto businesses.
- Leveraging diverse data sources, AML Quppy Bot ensures the most accurate risk assessments in the industry.
- We focus on user-friendly services that simplify compliance processes, making them more efficient for your business.
Customer Support
   - Recognizing the importance of immediate and friendly support, Quppy AML Bot provides constant assistance to our clients, available 24/7.
   - Responses may be delayed during nighttime hours, but rest assured, we're committed to providing the help you need.


What is AML Quppy Bot?
AML Quppy Bot is a dedicated platform for the analysis and monitoring of blockchain transactions, designed to combat money laundering. Utilizing our service ensures protection against fraudulent activities and the acceptance of compromised assets.
Why Trust Us?
Our verifications are powered by reputable analytics services such as Crystal, Chainalysis, and MatchSystems, trusted by major exchanges worldwide for their reliability in detecting illicit transactions.
Address vs. Transaction Hash Verification:
- Address verification scrutinizes the history of funds received and sent from an address. - Transaction hash verification assesses risks associated with receiving or sending funds, evaluating the safety for both sender and recipient.
Understanding Verification Categories:
The verification results display the address’s connections to various risk categories in percentages, offering a comprehensive risk score to guide users in decision-making about their assets.
Interpreting Risk Assessment:
Risk tolerance is subjective, with clients setting their own acceptable risk thresholds. Generally, a risk score is categorized as: 0-25% indicating low risk, 25-75% medium risk, and over 75% high risk, assisting in evaluating the security of wallets or transactions.

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