Securing Crypto Transactions: AML Quppy Bot's Comprehensive Analysis and Monitoring

AML Quppy Bot offers a sophisticated analysis and monitoring service for blockchain transactions, ensuring the legitimacy of crypto assets. Our tool is designed to detect and prevent transactions linked to unlawfully acquired funds, thereby protecting our users from potential fraud and legal issues. Leveraging our service enhances your security against fraudulent activities and legal entanglements.
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Broad Network Compatibility

AML Quppy Bot extends its verification capabilities across a wide array of networks, including but not limited to BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and TRC-20. This breadth of service ensures comprehensive coverage for a diverse range of cryptocurrency transactions, reinforcing our commitment to security and reliability in the digital currency space.

Comprehensive Verification Solutions

Personal wallet checks
Ensures your wallet's assets are legitimate.
Transaction Analysis
Validates all blockchain transactions for security
Third-party Wallet Safety
Screens external wallets to block risky coins
Suspicious Asset Detection
Regular checks to avoid dubious transactions.
Wallet Verification:
Select a blockchain, input the address or transaction ID, and get an in-depth AML analysis.
PDF Report Access:
Post-verification, obtain a comprehensive PDF report detailing wallet activities.
Secure Funding:
Generate unique addresses for each transaction, adding credits or verification purchases to your account swiftly.
Exclusive Blacklist Access:
Utilize Quppy's continuously updated blacklist for complimentary checks, enhancing security measures.

Key Features of AML Quppy Bot Services


2,5 USDT 2,5 usdt per verification
20 USDT 2 usdt per verification
45 USDT 1,8 USDT per verification
75 USDT 1,5 USDT per verification

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Quick Start with AML Quppy Bot

Access our Telegram bot and initiate the process with a simple "Start".
Select Verification:
Choose to verify a wallet or transaction. If needed, replenish your balance for extended services.
Acquire Report:
Obtain your detailed AML analysis, with an option for a PDF download of the findings.
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Safeguard Your Investments with AML Quppy Bot

Enroll today to ensure your assets are secure and begin your verification journey. 
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What is AML Quppy Bot?
AML Quppy Bot is a dedicated platform for the analysis and monitoring of blockchain transactions, designed to combat money laundering. Utilizing our service ensures protection against fraudulent activities and the acceptance of compromised assets.
Why Trust Us?
Our verifications are powered by reputable analytics services such as Crystal, Chainalysis, and MatchSystems, trusted by major exchanges worldwide for their reliability in detecting illicit transactions.
Address vs. Transaction Hash Verification:
- Address verification scrutinizes the history of funds received and sent from an address. - Transaction hash verification assesses risks associated with receiving or sending funds, evaluating the safety for both sender and recipient.
Understanding Verification Categories:
The verification results display the address’s connections to various risk categories in percentages, offering a comprehensive risk score to guide users in decision-making about their assets.
Interpreting Risk Assessment:
Risk tolerance is subjective, with clients setting their own acceptable risk thresholds. Generally, a risk score is categorized as: 0-25% indicating low risk, 25-75% medium risk, and over 75% high risk, assisting in evaluating the security of wallets or transactions.

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